"Isaac was recommended to me by my partner who had enjoyed his fitness services in the past. I like that Isaac trains with an emphasis on core-strength, posture, and proper form. He leads with an integrated view that takes into account not only the specifics of my body, but my personality, lifestyle, and personal goals as well. The mental and emotional benefits from exercise are heightened by Isaac's own positive outlook and balanced approach. Thanks to Isaac's training I have enjoyed improved posture, which in turn has improved my outlook on life."

—Jess Camacho


As I was approaching 40 I wanted to get fit and take my life and body back but didn't necessarily enjoy working out. I knew that Isaac's upbeat personality would be a good fit for the goals that I was looking to accomplish. He has great positivity, a can-do attitude, and is playful and honest. In addition to enjoying improved fitness levels, I lost 25 pounds after Isaac's constant encouragement to work with a nutritionist/dietician! Also, as a result of our strength, cardio, and endurance training I completed two fitness competitions and even ran an obstacle course with my two sons! Isaac steadily encourages me to go to fitness classes outside of our sessions and I have become a regular attendee at Crossfit and Soulcycle. Now I actually enjoy working out and feel so much stronger!

—Erin Silber


"I met Isaac after taking his group classes. I really loved his teaching style. He knows his stuff, gives great cues, keeps everyone in the class in his field of attention and I always left feeling great. I love Isaac's personality too. He is very warm, available, down to earth, open, friendly, encouraging and just has super great energy overall. When I decided that I wanted to get some private Pilates training I knew Isaac was my guy! He is very attuned to the needs of his client in the moment and he always custom tailored our sessions to my needs. His personality made me feel like I was hanging out with a friend while getting my Pilates on! The private training with him helped me to resolve some issues with chronic pain in my body.

Training with Isaac was the only thing I was sad to leave behind when I moved from NY to get back out into nature. Although I don't get to train with him in person anymore the training I did with him has helped me to continue maintaining and improving the chronic pain I used to suffer with. I am happy to say that now I am pain free and have way more connection to my strong core and awareness of my body. And this is coming from a person who has a lifetime of training in dance and yoga. I would highly recommend Isaac's services!"

—Michelle Deslandes

"Isaac replaced a trainer I had been working with previously and I was happy to train with him privately after taking some of his group fitness classes. He is very patient yet pushes your limits and is good with giving detailed instruction. He is very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the workout but understands the reason I train is to feel better and have a positive experience. He has a balanced approach that I appreciate. Training with Isaac has helped me develop my overall strength and flexibility. I love that Isaac makes going to the gym and working out a pleasure, not a chore."

—Maggie Malina


I had heard from friends that Isaac was great and I was looking to learn more about how the body is connected. When I first started working with Isaac, he noticed I had limited range in my lower back and focused on exercises that addressed that area. He also diligently keeps an eye on other areas of tension. Isaac shows interest in my life outside of the gym and understands that my lifestyle effects my alignment. Then he fine tunes exercises to address those daily actions. I have a lot of fun with Isaac while he pushes me to go further in my training. I am often sore the next day but never enough that it prevents me from normal activity. I feel like that is a delicate balance that he handles well.  Isaac has helped me bring fitness and stretching into my daily life, not just once a week at the gym.  I definitely recommend that you try his services for yourself!

—Emily Lenz


 "I love coming to workout with Isaac because of his strong positive demeanor and enthusiasm. He always has a plan and is ready to work with you on developing a workout you like. He is a great instructor that teaches proper form, and technique on a variety of equipment. Isaac makes the workout intense yet relaxed. There is no military motivational yelling;  just positive encouragement and positive reinforcement. He is always checking in with any health issues or aches and pains that might be happening before and after every workout.  He encourages you to take care of yourself in all aspects of your life including the spiritual, mental, and nutritional. He helped me set up a phone app that logs and calorie counts my eating habits. It made me more informed about my eating choices and helped me shed some pounds in the process! 

I came in wanting to lose some weight, get into shape and make exercise and fitness a priority in my life. I have achieved all those goals with Isaac and we continually reevaluate and work toward even bigger goals. Isaac helped me do this all with the gentlest of encouragement and his great knowledge of the human body, workouts, and exercise techniques. He really knows his stuff and passes that information on to you. I understand my body better now thanks to Isaac's teachings which was a goal I didn't even know I had but now have achieved. I have better control of my health, confidence in being able to keep up with my 3 year old active son, and my wife says she sees the results as well. Friends ask, "Are you working out?" and say, "You look great!". These are the benefits I have gotten from working out with Isaac in addition to having made a friend with a great guy."

—Marc Schauer